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RDR2 at PAX East

The Red Dead Redemption hands-on demo was available to play at The Penny Arcade Expo in Boston this week. You had to wait a bit to see for yourself, though:

Plenty of people blogged about their experiences playing the game at PAX East. Check them out after the break:

Red Dead Redemption has always had my attention, but today it earned my $60.

Rockstar Games has finally answered the call of many a Grand Theft Auto lover and created a massive and gorgeous open-world western in Red Dead Redemption that has all the hallmarks of a killer Rockstar title: compelling characters, a sweeping and brutal narrative, and more content than you can toss a lasso around.

Red Dead Redemption is one hell of a good looking game.

I was thinking of the sheer potential this game possesses. You've got some damn entertaining gunplay, countless miles of scenery riddled with wild animals and even wilder humans, and some of the best video game horse riding I've experienced since The Ocarina of Time.

Red Dead Redemption is the sort of game I will get completely lost in. I'm sure the story is compelling, but I've a feeling that once I get my hands on the game when it hits stores on May 18th, John Marston's family will be the least of my concerns.

In less than 10 minutes, I felt drawn in to this rich slice of history that Rockstar has replicated — a place where the harshness of nature and the cruelty of man are at odds with the urge to tame and the desire for progress and for peace. I’m thrilled by the romantic notion of living on the cusp of those two worlds and spilling blood as part of the final death throes of the Wild West. As I watch those wild horses gallop through the night, I know that this is a place I’m going to want to linger in for a spell.

Time Magazine/Techland
I'll preface this by saying that I'm not a big fan of open world/sandbox-y games, but I actually liked RDR. Maybe it was the skinning of animals for trade or the ridiculously large open world of RDR, but I thoroughly enjoyed the few minutes I had with it... Red Dead Redemption is out on May 18 for Xbox 360 and PS3 in NA with a May 21 launch in Europe. May can't come soon enough.

This is the largest world Rockstar has ever created. Can you quantify that? "It's big," a representative assured me.

…there's clearly a lot more of Red Dead Redemption to see, but just ambling through the wilds on horseback was enough to convince me that this is an adventure that I'll saddle up for when the game releases this May.

A fair amount of bloodshed later, we arrived at the mansion, only to find the front door locked. So we went around back, snuck in through the cellar door, and proceeded to lay waste to the remaining foes. The best part? When one of them took cover behind a crate, a crate that just happened to have an old lantern on it, and a stray shot caused the lantern to explode in flames and burn them alive--sweet, flaming justice... All I want is to keep playing. May 18 can't come soon enough.

To put it simply, Red Dead Redemption is currently my game of the show.... The purpose of the demo was the complete a mission that involved invading a mansion – well, after watching three people complete it, I decided that wasn’t my goal. Anybody who’s played a Rockstar developed game knows that most of the fun is had by messing around, so that’s what I did... First, I ran into another person. I decided to lasso him off his horse and drag him around the desert. This is hilarious, I’m telling you. ... This game is going to be awesome.

All in all folks, this game looks like a million bucks and plays like a solid and well-rounded action/adventure/shooter/role-player. I was already looking forward to this game (I waited in line for an hour to get my hands on it!) but now I am absolutely dying to play it again. Red Dead Redemption drops on May 18th, and so far looks freakin awesome.

With their latest title, Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar has raised the bar once more.

Red Dead Redemption is a must play. The graphics and combat options (you can LASSO people and pull them off their horses!) are second to none. When this baby launches on May 18, you can bet I'll be first in line.

Platform Nation
Rockstar takes Red Dead Redemption to a place I think we will come to love from the awesome graphics to the gameplay.

Pixelated Geek
After playing the demo I can confidently say this is going to be one o the best games of 2010 and is pushing the boundaries of the open world genre.

Crave Online
The Wild West of Red Dead Redemption is gigantic and looks beautiful, full of wildlife, living and breathing towns, and tumbleweed. Yes, RDR features the greatest tumbleweed physics ever put in a video game, literally making me stop in the middle of an action just to watch it roll by. The music of RDR is also fantastic, something that is usually a very weak point for me when it comes to most classic western movies. And as it is with all Rockstar titles, the characters are all animated and unique, each with their own distinct personalities and backgrounds.

Red Dead Redemption was my number one most anticipated title of PAX East heading into the convention and it did not disappoint.

My Gamer Mom
Graphically it was what you would expect from Rock Star. The world is richly detailed and immense. You go from bustling towns to ghost towns in the course of the game.

Gamer Tell
The combat was slick and satisfying, with the Dead Eye ability allowing for the slowing down of time and automatic target acquisition and the number of weapons available allowed for a number of different deadly matches.

The gameplay’s fun, seems like there’s a ton of replayability and shooting things rarely gets old. Especially armadillos.

8 Bit Library
Just looking at the giant LCD screens showing previews of gameplay to passersby you could tell that if nothing else, this game was a cinematic tour de force. The Old West is rendered in loving detail, all the way down to the dust and the tumbleweeds…

Damn Lag
Since open world games really took off I've dreamed of the ultimate wild west sim. This makes Red Dead Redemption is my most anticipated game of the year…

After playing the game at PAX East, I feel very confident in saying that Red Dead Redemption may be the first Western-themed title I've ever played that lives up to its source material.

I can't wait for the game to hit store shelves next month. Not only does it feel like it will finally provide Western enthusiasts with the kind of game we've always wanted to play, but it may just raise the bar for what an open-world game experience can provide.

Gaming Nexus
Throwing the Western theme into the mix of what is supposed to be a huge open world to explore and shoot people in created a charming environment with unique new experiences.

Terminal Gamer
The time I spent with the game was far, far too short. The game world is so vibrant, huge and beautiful that I just want to spend a few hours exploring its nooks and crannies.

I’m looking forward to the full release of the game in May. It’s shaping up to be one of the best titles of 2010.

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