Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New Red Dead Redemption Video: "Introduction"

This week, the new video for Red Dead Redemption went online. Called simply "Introduction," its structure is very different than the flashy trailers you might be used to seeing to advertise video games. Instead, this video approaches the game from a History Channel/Documentary approach, going into four minutes of detail on how the game's ambient world works, and what you as John Marston can expect to encounter on your travels throughout the game's vast world. Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New official trailer for Red Dead Redemption: "My Name is John Marston"

My current game, the Western-themed open world Red Dead Redemption, has a new trailer out. Called "My Name is John Marston," it takes a closer look at the world and characters of RDR, including the main character John Marston. The link below is to the full version (language NSFW) and has no watermark:

Television commercials have now started airing as well. As always, you can find the complete selection of videos and screenshots at the official Red Dead Redemption website. The game's release date is April 27th, 2010, so get your preorder in!