Friday, March 4, 2016

Oscar Week Podcasts

I meant to post these earlier, but here are the two podcast appearances I did over the last week and a half discussing the Academy Awards. Overall, I thought this year was a step in the right direction in terms of comedic content, and I thought Chris Rock was a breath of fresh air. Spotlight was my favorite to win Best Picture, even though I had picked The Revenant (a severe underperformer) in my office's Oscar Pool. Speaking of which, I ended up with 16/24 in a particularly difficult year for predictions, what with the Best Director/Best Picture split and many close races due to early awards splitting between different nominees. One of the best examples of this was Stallone not having a SAG nomination, which ended pup being a factor in losing that category. Once again, people who picked a straight-ticket Vegas ballot were prevented from going 24/24. For more on how I made my predictions, click here. In the future I will be researching what guilds are more predictive after this year's data, and update my finding to hopefully build on what was informative this year.

For those interested in hearing some conversations around the event, here are two links to podcasts on which I appeared to discuss the Oscars. I hope you enjoy them.

Oscar Predictions Podcast 2/25

Oscar Recap Podcast 3/1 (featuring my mom)