Sunday, March 21, 2010

Greener Guy as Popeye

Greener Guy was a character I came up with while attending a very liberal arts college. He resembled many of the students who went there. After coming up with my first parody piece using this character, I later used it to reinvent the Popeye characters. I watched Popeye after school a lot when I was younger, and for a reason I've now forgotten I sketched some concepts of the Popeye characters in this vein.
I came up with a super-villain that tried to sell sneaky credit cards with high APRs on the college campus, and went very "Mr. Burns" with the design:

Finally, I had the idea to use the Popeye-version Greener Guy in a cartoon about the WTO riots in Seattle (aka the 'Battle in Seattle') that I witnessed in 1999. It ran in the Evergreen school newspaper.:

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