Saturday, May 5, 2012

'Avengers Assemble' art show at Gallery 1988

On the way home from work last night I stopped by Gallery 1988's new space on Melrose (across from their original gallery, which is still there) to see their new "Avengers Assemble" art show, with art inspired by the movie. I could only stay a short while, and it was a day after the opening night (which meant that cupcakes, Joss Whedon, and Clark Gregg had been long gone), but I enjoyed seeing the variety of styles and takes the artists used to reinterpret the famous characters. I ended up purchasing one of Anthony Petrie's "Some Assembly Required" prints, which I was happy with:

Also on the walls of the gallery was NC Winters's excellent Iron Man piece:
 And many more:

Collider did a nice post about the opening night show here. LA is definitely the best city to be in for fans of movie art. Nuff said.

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