Friday, March 21, 2014

Martin Scorsese's 2013 Jefferson Lecture at the John F. Kennedy Center

So as much as I enjoyed pouring over Oscars and box office history for last week's Top Ten List of VFX films, last year Martin Scorsese gently and solemnly reminded us all that such thinking is ridiculous and unfortunate. Of course, he's right. I loved this speech and hope you will too:

I watched Hugo last week and was blown away by its genius. If only Scorsese could be around for another 100 years to make movies.

Some choice moments:
  • Vertigo was nearly lost forever (partially because of Hitchcock)
  • 2001: A Space Odyssey ripped off two movies that came out just before it, and was critically panned
  • Socrates thought reading and writing was a threat to true wisdom, and we shouldn't see film going digital as a similar threat
  • His mother brought him to see Duel in the Sun as a kid, even though it was on the Catholic banned list. It has one heck of an ending:


  1. Duel in the Sun is great. It is also significant, because it was David O. Selznick, it was still the MOGUL ran the movie, not the director. Well, a little different, I believe Duel is King Vidor

  2. I'm glad you brought Selznick up. Did you know he was the husband Duel's female star Jennifer Jones?