Monday, April 15, 2013

300 Sketchbook: Top Chef finalists

Brooke Williamson, Sheldon Simeon, and Kristen Kish.

I'm posting this a lot later than I was hoping, but here are the latest trio of portraits from my "300 Heads" sketchbook. The theme was "the last three finalists of Bravo's Top Chef." From left to right are: Brooke WilliamsonSheldon Simeon, and Kristen Kish (who won).
The portraits were drawn first on paper (reproducing photographs from Chelsea SektnanStar Chefs, and Bravo), then scanned and corrected, then digitally painted over in Photoshop. The background colors were chosen based off the colors of competition ribbons.

WIP shots:

Raw drawing.
Adjusted lines in Photoshop with rotate/transform tools.
Overlay comparison between raw lines (blue) and final lines (black).
Final lines, post-adjustment.
Color flats.
As with all reproductions I do of photographs, I hold no copyright on that material. This is a non-commercial fan art piece.

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