Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Gallery 1988 "Multiplayer" Show

Ok, time to jump into 2011 with my first post of the year. Last Saturday I attended Gallery 1988's inaugural show at their new Santa Monica location. "Multiplayer" featured prints of all kinds of (mainly) retro video games, and garnered a large turnout. If you're at all into video game-related artwork and are looking to spiff up your walls with some new posters, check out the artwork on their gallery. My fellow ex-Rockstar Mister Benja over at The 8-Bit Cubist did a write-up over at his blog, featuring a photo of yours truly.

If you're more into videos, Hailey and the Coin-Op.TV guys got some nice coverage of the event as well, featuring interviews of standout artists Kevin Tong and Mike Mitchell:

P.S. I also attended the "Is This Thing On?" comedian artwork show at Gallery 1988's Melrose location, but was too swamped that weekend to post about it. It was awesome. Consider that my writeup. Thanks!

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