Monday, October 4, 2010

Shades of Death wins "Best Visual Effects" at Project Twenty1 Film Festival

Over the last two months my I helped create a humorous samurai short film called Shades of Death for the Project Twenty1 film festival in Philadelphia. The other members of our team "Creative Meat" were in Toronto, but from San Diego I was able to assist with writing the script as well as making the DVD jacket and promotional posters. The theme we had to incorporate was "reading between the lines." My friend Mark Driver headed up the team by directing the short film, which screened in Philadelphia over the weekend and ended up bringing home the award for "Best Visual Effects," as well as nominations for "Best Editing" and "Best Sound Design." It was a lot of fun to make and I'd like to congratulate the other members of the "Creative Meat" team on the win. I can't wait for the next contest!
You can watch the film and a B-roll clip on the Creative Meat Vimeo channel.

Shades of Death | Project Twenty1 | 2010 from Mark Driver on Vimeo.

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