Monday, June 21, 2010

Summertime Sketching

About to get back into drawing again. Did a 2D piece recently that in no way used a computer, and it was a bit freaky. There's so much out there that inspires, but I don't want to get too wrapped up in appreciating when there's lots more creating to be done. Here are some recent entries from the sketchbook that I colored a bit in Photoshop:

Big Cat Diaries! Because my TV is closer to me than the Zoo or the Wild Animal Park at the ends of town.

Michael Mann and Will Smith's Ali. "The Champ is Here!"
Abandoned idea for a recent Red Dead Redemption piece. For those who know the game, the idea for this was to make a drawing of the night Jack was conceived. Dutch would be glaring at John and Abigail, who share a moment as she fills his glass. Bill Williamson and Javier Escuela are joking around to the side, in their own little stupor. I think the best layout is the one penned out in the bottom left. I liked the concept for this a lot, so maybe I'll come back to it.

Hearts and Minds, from the Bodies exhibit in San Diego last year:
Pedestrians during a Chinese New Year celebration, 1997. Camcorder in the man's hands.:

Self-Portrait from last week, looking busted. 
Normally I look a little more like this (pic via The 8-Bit Cubist):
Looks like the cover of a DJ duo's album...

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