Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pieces for Paul

I first met my friend Paul Booth back in Vancouver when I was going to film school. He attended the Vancouver Film School for the live-action film making program and I was attending the same school, but was taking the 3D Animation course. We've been good friends since then, and he currently writes an Online Movie Review for his paper in Hawaii. This week's article is on The Dark Knight, so I made a photo manipulation piece of his regular picture in the article. I used Photoshop to paint over his features to tie it into the Joker/Heath Ledger theme:

(note the green/purple necklace)

He's also produced a movie called Empty Streets that features American blues musician Charlie Musselwhite on its soundtrack. I did the illustration of him for the liner notes:

Charlie Musselwhite, 2010, 9" x 10"
 It was hand drawn, then touched up a bit in Photoshop.

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